Friday, April 25, 2008

i do believe my head might explode

it would seem that being the genius chain smoker i am...i have mnaged to give myself chronic bronchitis. boo! the doctor gave me this stupid inhaler thing to help with the tightness in my chest...but i can only use it every 4 hours. suck! i feel like absolute refried shit...

...but all of this is irrelavent because

i am in luuuuurve. *insert birdchirping heavenly choir noises here*

i'm ok saying this here because of two things. one: i am 90% sure she will never read this...i think i would die of embarassment if she did ^_^

and two: i am 95% sure she feels the same way. ^_^

i have managed to find the sweetest most caring and cuddly girl ever!

i'm talking door opening, coat offerin, drink fetchin, cuddling, "oh-you-have-goosebumps-on-your-arm-lets-move-into-the-sun" sweetness! i mean, i tell her stupid little things
and she actually REMEMBERS THEM! always complimenting me and making me feel absofuckinglutely wonderful! i'm sure we will drive everyone else nuts with the whole gazing longingly into eachother's eyes thing, but DAMN i love it! no one has ever made me feel the way that she does. yesterday, i had a doctor's appointment, and after the bad news, we went out for coffee then went to the park and played on the swings for a few hours just talking. she likes doing all that stupid kid stuff too! uuuuuuungh! then we went and got my prescription and went back to her house to watch juno. her little 5 year old niece was there (and absolutely WORSHIPS her aunti hehe), so we let her come watch with we had to behave ourselves. but that was kinda fun too...finding stupid little reasons for her to go up stairs so we could hold hands and sneak a kiss for 30 glorious seconds. then, miraculously, bathtime for little Pheonix! (i love that name by the way) oh. my. god. having the room all to ourselves was...nice. ^_- lets just say tongue rings are fantastic, and leave it at that. then of course neither one of us heard the bath stop...or the door open, and little pheonix caught us making out. *facepalm* i don't think she realized what she saw, but still. eeeeee. oh man.

it is so hard to be NOT around her. like, she dropped me off back at my car, and i just didn't want to go. i have never wished so hard that i had my own place. we were talking yesterday, and it amazes both of us. we have such different interests, but we both want to learn everything about the other's interests. she likes dirt biking and camping and outdoorsy stuff like that. she is going to teach me some time. we have plans to go camping this summer. ^_^

i like art. i love the oregon coast. i am taking her to the art museum next weekend. we are talking about a trip to oregon this summer. but...we both love cats. ^_^

she makes me feel so comfortable. i'm not used to that.

we decided last night that we need to bake shawn a fucking cake for introducing us. i was wondering what kind he would like and she just looks at me. just as i was thinking it, she said it: rainbow cake! hahaha so now we are going to bake a rainbow cake for shawn on saturday. he is going to love it. i should probably go eat now. that way i'll have energy to hang out with liz after work instead of sleeping like i should. ^_^

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a tad bit obsessive

ever since last year's fabulous tour de fat extravaganza, the thought that i should have an amazing costume for the next one has been living in the back of my head. i mean, i liked the costume i had...(see exhibit a) but i felt that if i spent any actual effort on it this year, i could be a freaky force to be reckoned with!

exhibit a

i have therefore decided to be a steampunk this year. for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, wikipedia has a fairly decent definition living
here. however, i feel that the only way to truly understand a movement is to read things by people who are actually a part of said movement. therefore, i would like to direct your attention to exhibits b (the steampunk workshop) and c (the steampunk section of

sites like these have managed to peak my interest at an alarming rate! after spending the greater part of my time on the internet lately researching this fascinating style, i came up with a design for the bike...(even though i don't have a bike yet...details details!)

i also have a list of things i need to acquire for my costume. the list grows longer every day!

goggles: very important to keep bugs out of your eyes when operating a steam powered avibicycle.

an antimatter gun. i personally am considering assembling one of the "water-dispensing" varieties of this device...however, if i decide to build one from semi-scratch, i feel that this sand-blasting-gun would make an excellent starting point.

an aviator helmet isn't entirely necessary, i suppose...but they just look so darn cool! if i can't find one, i plan on just adding some decorations to my top hat and calling it good.

yesterday, emily and i went to thrift stores in search of various treasures to be used in steampunkifying our tour de fat are the spoils of our journey

a power supply canister for my antimatter gun...or whatever else i need to supply power to (actually a metal cookie press)

an aquarium lightbulb...that happened to fit perfectly into this pipe-splitter-thingy...

a clock...which i promptly broke down into its relative parts...with some interesting results!

i think the face of it wants to become some sort of framed art shadow box thingy...

i really like the gears with the springs on will be a shame to have to tear them apart!

and lastly, a belt...with all sorts of handy pouches and places for hanging my tools! because as a steampunk inventor, it is necessary to have a cool toolbelt!

anywho, i have to go get ready for work now...ick...i plan on doing some sketches of my actual costume when i get home tonight, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

seriously, dude...

SERIOUSLY! i am doomed to a semester of slacking from this point onwards, as my dear mother decided to inform me yesterday that we have unlimited downloads from our netflix account to our computers...gave me the password and whatnot...BAD IDEA.

i totally stayed up until 2:30 am watching the first season of Xena. oh em gee. i feel like i missed out on so much having not watched this show growing up. i just never had any interest in it. it has the perfect cross between awesome and so-crappy-it-makes-it-awesome! swear to god every time she does her yell i bust up laughing...lemme see if i can find a video for those of you who have no idea what i'm talking about...(what, have you lived in a box your whole life?) that's at a convention, but you get the point...anywho, i've been thoroughly enjoying myself watching this show...until just now. i actually had to pause the episode i'm on just so that i could rant about it. the episode in question is called "girls just wanna have fun" and it is essentially a vampire episode. seriously...don't believe me? here you go...vampire Gabrielle and vampire Xena being i suppose so...

Vampire Gabrielle looks disgusted by something...maybe Xena doesn't taste as good as she'd hoped?

i mean, don't get me wrong...Xena? good! Vampires? good! well, usually at least. these are seriously the crappiest vampires ever to grace the small screen. (the preceding may be a slight exaggeration...) all they did was throw in some fake teeth and yellow contacts. i don't even think they had the actors practice talking with the teeth in before shooting the episode. if you ever get a chance to watch this one, do it. it is awful! and yet...i can't tear myself is calling me back...

...alright, screw you guys...i'm watching more Xena.

Monday, February 25, 2008

epidermal historectomy!

I just got back from an AMAZING trip to seattle to see Jason Webley, Estradasphere, Evelyn Evelyn and Amanda Palmer! oh my god...if my legs didn't hurt so bad i may think i dreamed it all! ^_^
So...We ended up leaving boise around 8:30 at night...and the amazing Kimber drove the whole way in the dark through all the scary fog! We ended up stopping at the dennys in pendleton around 2...and there was totally a redneck fight in the parking lot as we were leaving! (it was probably over meth...according to our waitress, that is about all there is to do in that sad little town...) Kimber totally broke up the fight by almost running them over with her truck and screaming out the window at them! it was hilarious!

We stopped at a rest area in the middle of god knows where...and spotted this:

...good times!

so we got into seattle around...9 in the morning...and got lost:
god...i keep getting distracted by looking at my videos...this blog is gonna take FOREVER!!!

calliope really wanted to help read the map, so knickie and i had to be on puppy-restraint duty for a while...see how much we hated it? lol

so...we finally make it to our hotel...and it is all teh classy! look! there were even gang signs written on the fake flowers by the elevator (which for some reason had a light switch inside it...ever ridden in a dark elevator? it is SCARY)! ooh!

for some reason we decided that walking around seattle (up and down circles and back and forth until our legs almost fell off) was more important than knickie and i went exploring while kimber and holly recovered before the show.
saw the space needle...

then saved it from a giant hippo...

you're WELCOME, seattle! geeze...where's my key to the city?

went down to the market...saw some water...

and some more water...

eventually, we met up with a seansean...

...walked around the market some more, where i saw a daycare with this sign in the window:

made me happy!

...found our way back to the hotel, and got ready for the show!
so...we get to the space at 608 a little late...jason was already playing...but we found decent seats...everyone was sitting on the ground...

Next up was Estradasphere...i hadn't heard of them, but they were pretty fun...did a zelda/mario song that was pretty great.

And after that...the moment we were waiting for! oh wait...but not really! hehehe i got all excited thinking evelyn evelyn was up...but instead it was amanda palmer singing with estradasphere...still pretty sweet!

Finally! the first ever live performance given by the "twins," evelyn and evelyn!
aren't they so cute? (jason is so pretty in drag! and of course amanda is always gorgeous...) lots of videos and pics for your enjoyment! hehe...they kept doing the whole "Twin Falls Idaho" whispering thingy...twas cute...

my video is a little bit better than this, but i can't seem to get it to upload...sad!

Elephant elephant is permanently stuck in my brain...thanks, kimber...

the twins had to stop and have a snack...da'aww...

someone even made evelyn-evelyn cookies!!!

after all sorts of good times, the twins retreat back into their room...then after a few minutes, out pops amanda (in her bra, lol) asking if we wanted her to go against doctors orders and sing us a song...well, DUH!!!

Amanda Palmer

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so as if that weren't full of awesome enough, we stuck around afterwards with some other people and helped jason and amanda write a silly song! turns out they sent out an email about an evelyn evelyn fanart contest, but amanda forgot to specify the evelyn evelyn they got some weird stuff! this guy sent in some images of a scarification thingy he had done, and...well...i'll let the video do the talking! i'm in the back on the left...kinda behind jason... was good times all around! and as soon as my stupid videos decide to upload, i'll even post this so that someone can read it! oooooooh!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Work in progress...

I'm in a sculpture class right now...just beginning sculpture, but it is fun. Today my teacher suggested making a sort of photo diary of our progress on the stone sculpture we started so that people understand how much work it here you go!

this is my initial sketch i came up sort of going for a Mayan/quetzaquotal look...

aaaaand this is my stupid $40 is actually really pretty now that it is all cleaned up...i'll take some more pictures in class on tuesday.

this is the little clay moquette that i came up with for my sculpture... i like his face a lot! very fierce...

but from the side he looks a bit like a Chinese dragon. it seems that i have blended the two cultures into one unstoppable SUPERCULTURE!!! go me!

a little glimpse of the super-intense back design i decided to is supposed to be like the dragon-snake's underbelly showing...

oh god...what am i getting myself into?

well, there you have it...stay tuned for another update on tuesday as i try to start carving my rock...keep your fingers crossed that i still have all of mine to type with!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

its not that i'm questioning my sanity...just the rest of the world's... i was waiting on the street for the bus in the middle of a pretty bad snowstorm, i look up and see a man in sweats riding his bike past me on the opposite side of the street...that he was wearing naught but sweats in and of itself was a bit odd...but as he drew closer to me, i realized that was not why he caught my see, he was wearing a neon-rainbow clown wig and full facial clown makeup and a little red clown nose! of course, i didn't have my camera...and no one else was around to even none of my friends believe me...

not that i can blame them...if i didn't know i don't do drugs...i would have assumed i hallucinated the whole thing!

i used to think that the surrealists were just fucking bizarre...but now i understand...shit like that makes you think a bit.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Thought i'd practice bullshitting writing artists' statements...

i chose to show her faceless as an example of the
objectification of women in society.
and her pose is oh, fuck it...

its a pretty scantily clad ladee. enjoy. sometimes...despite what the standard pretentious art major wants you to are drawn for the sake of being drawn...not to impart some life changing message on the viewer...or to create a revolutionary movement in society...but because the artist started drawing, and it just happened.

the thing i hate about being an art that if you present a piece to a class, or professor and tell them that you just drew it for the sake of drawing it, you are judged...and found lacking. i am not a politically minded person by any means. i don't have a hidden message behind the vast majority of things that i create...but in order to succeed in art classes, i was forced to wear a mask of sorts pretending to have multiple levels of intended meanings in my projects. i hate that. i think that being created with the intention of being aesthetically pleasing is just as important as this other crap that people spew.

the thing that really gets me is that if you sit in on a studio class long enough, you will find that the students simply regurgitate the same message over and over. so in their attempt to turn us into free thinking revolutionaries, our professors have succeed only in creating an army of "liberal-minded" automotons. ugh. it really disgusts me.

/end rant